Cadet Pilot Preparation

Ground School For Aviators is the one to trust for Cadet Pilot Preparation and DGCA Preparation in Delhi. The faculty, here at the pilot academy, are well-versed with the know-hows of the program and thereafter deliver the best to the students. The preparation includes:

  • Online Aptitude Assessments - The online assessment helps in measuring the multi-tasking skills along with their personality. Series of tests, memory assessment, verbal and physical communication, decision-making, and psycho-motor capacity are included.
  • Flying Skill - The basic flying skills of candidate are tested under stressful environment.
  • Group Discussion / Group Activity - This will help in understanding the decision-making skills of the aspirant, along with teamwork, judgment, and reaction in situations under extreme pressure.
  • Psychometric Test - Nowadays, it is one of the mandatory tests to check the Personality Traits of the aspirants. The test also helps in understanding the personal qualities, specific abilities, and human behavior/tendencies in context of the respective job specification.
  • Interview Preparation - The hiring companies aim to prevent any potentially “unsafe hires”. In other terms, the main purpose of the interview is to eliminate the candidates that might be in a way or other cause embarrassment or inconvenience to the company.

We, being the best name for Flying Training Institute in India, help the candidates become the best cultural fit. Get the best for yourself with easy enrollment for the program. Fly high and touch the new heights of success with us…

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